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I am licensed for tax prep by CTEC (CA).  What additional licensing/testing is required to prepare OR taxes returns.

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Level 15
Level 15
I dont do anything special for OR filings (Im in Ca with CTEC as well).

If you were an OR preparer, youd need to follow the rules for OR preparers.

Level 15

If someone in California prepares 10 Oregon returns, does that make them an Oregon preparer?  How about 50?  Or 100?  I'm in Arizona and prepare four or five California returns.  Does that make me a California preparer?  If I move to Nevada but prepare only California and Arizona returns, where do I pay state income tax?  I don't think there are any solid answers to any of these questions.  

Level 15

Lisa - out of curiosity, how many OR returns do you prepare?  Just enough to fly under the radar or does OR just trust CA preparers because of their own rules?

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