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Licensing 2021 ProSeries with a foreign address and zip code

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I have used this product for 20 years.  The annual ritual is to work out how to license because ProSeries has still not improved enough to allow for foreign addresses ... for foreign customers!  Fine, normally a small work over on the zip code has worked.  This year, the same issue as follows:

1. Unable to License - using last year's 99999 code.

2. Call to Intuit on Tuesday 9.Feb.21 - four hours, six agents, two disconnects all on a call from Europe to USA. Result: Able to license BUT now my business address is Pro Series headquarter address in Plano, TX!  My 2019 files also now reflect this address.

3. Call to Intuit on Thursday 11.Feb.21 - two plus hours (three different agents) Europe-USA ending with an albeit very nice person working in what is probably an outsourced service  resulted in no solution but a promise and follow-up email (with an email address relating to another firm)  to confirm a request for a telephone response from a responsible supervisor.

4. It is now Saturday the 13th of February and I have had no communication from Pro Series and I am now aware that I can print a return that shows no text or numbers...only lines.


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Several people have had this problem. Possibly @IntuitAustin can have someone contact you. @itonewbie is our resident non resident that may know some secrets to help you along. 

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Thanks, @George4Tacks!

@OverseasE  Looks like you're in a different time zone than mine, you being a whole week ahead, already on Feb 13. 😉

Agree Intuit seems to be worse than behind the times when it comes to something as simple as supporting foreign addresses, they just simply don't care; this has been a problem for ages and it's been escalated so many times by different folks.

One workaround they do for account setup is to use their own corporate address as your billing address but this needs to be done by Intuit.  You won't have an issue with relicensing but will need to call them back to get a credit for the "erroneous" sales tax each time, which is still annoying, but they seem to be familiar with this "routine".

Along with that, they'd need to override your firm address, which shows on the tax return, in the backbend since the front-end system doesn't support foreign addresses.

That is far less than ideal but could be the workaround you're looking for.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the advice.  I'll turn the page in the calendar back....They are still unable to change the address.  Hoping things will improve with the next attempt.

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Thanks....I am still working on it!

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Are you calling from the future or is Europe one week ahead of the USA instead of 6 hours ahead?

Today is February 6.

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Neither....have now turned the calendar page. Thanks!

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