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Lacerte conversion to ProSeries Pro

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I use ProSeries Professional and have a new client whose 2018 1120S was prepared using Lacerte- the client has a lot of fixed asset data.  I have the 2018 Lacerte backup data files but can find absolutely no where in ProSeries to do the import and conversion even though I've seen Intuit articles promising this can be done.  So how does this happen??


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This is the article for how to do it:



So you are essentially uploading the files to Intuit, and they eventually send you back the converted file.

If for some reason the steps in that article do not work, then you may need to call support.

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Thanks but already read that article but it does not pan out- when I select "submit client data for conversion" absolutely nothing happens.  This looks like yet another of the many empty promises I have been made as an Intuit customer.  Although they promise my Lacerte 1120S data can be converted over to ProSeries Professional I will bet my life that when I call tomorrow I'll be told either 1.) this could never be done, 2.) it once could but can no longer be done, or 3.) it's something they hope to feature sometime before the end of history.  Just typical of what I have come to expect.

I appreciate the quick reply and attempt to help nonetheless.....


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Level 15
"Additionally, the client data files from the software vendor you are transferring from will need to be backed up."

Do you have an actual "backup" file from Lacerte? or just copy of the file from the previous preparers hard drive?