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IRS Integrity and Verification Operations

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I have been contacted by  a fair number of clients who are receiving an IRS letter from Integrity and Verification Operations requesting the taxpayer to call to verify information to process their refund. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it a legitimate request?




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Two clients have contacted me about this issue. Client 1 did not have a refund, but the other had $5K refund held up, he had filed in April. Client 1 was instructed by his letter to call, but after a dozen tries, he gave up, the message was "we are super-busy, please call at another time." I'm eager to find out what is going on.

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Is it Form 4883C? That should be legitimate.

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I see less than a handful of those each year, no clue what they use to decide who to send them to, or not.

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Just to be safe I would not use the number on the letter but, would

1.verify the correct information is on the return that was efiled

2. check where's my refund site

3. if not, go through Practitioner services to verify...

4. have client can check create online account

Too many official looking scams out there

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