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Illinois state not appearing on drop down menu on federal 1040NR in Proseries Pro - eventhough IL state has been installed

Trying to e-file an IL 1040 NR, but not showing up on the 1040 NR federal info page - as a drop down menu state. Have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled IL state as well as Proseries Pro several times, but still not showing up. Already paid for the state, so, that's also not the issue. 


Any ideas on how to get this to work? 


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Does IL have one? If you are a non resident alien for federal, aren't you a non resident of IL, too?

Also, even if there is one, that doesn't mean that PS has it. PS isn't known for having all forms.

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IL state has a Schedule NR, which you need to attach to the IL-1040.

The issue is that if you want to e-file the IL return, you need to go to the Federal Info worksheet - Part IV - Filing Information section, Electronic Filing, and where it says 'Select state returns to electronically file' (see below). When you click on the drop down menu, the installed state should appear, but for Illinois, doesn't. 


It's odd, as on the Proseries Basic version, there is no problem, but Proseries Basic just doesn't offer the 1040NR Federal, so, using Proseries Professional.


Screenshot 2020-09-16 105945.jpg

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ProSeries does not offer state returns with 1040NR.

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Can you file it separately? 

Already had IL on the Proseries Basic - but paid again for IL on the Proseries Professional - in order to e-file. 

If we override and check e-file form the state view, do you know if the e-file will work?


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I don't use ProSeries so I don't know. My knowledge of 1040NR and lack of states comes from other users here.

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Have in fact, filed other NR states with 1040 NR returns, but not IL so far. 

Will try and see what happens.

Many thanks.

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