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Identity (ID) Verification - Returning Client - Process

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Up late working on a couple returns and just thought I'd throw this out there and see what everybody else does... First off, CA preparer here.

I just transferred a client file into 2020 and I always go into the ID verification form, down to the section for Identity Verification Method and check off either "In person" or "Remote via email, phone, or fax".

Now, keeping in mind this is for a returning client, that section does not require a check off (Proseries red little error box) but I usually always check off something anyways.

Question is... What does everybody else do? Do you all still check off an option even though it's not required for a returning client or do you leave that section unchecked?

Also, if they are a returning client you've obviously already verified their identity from the first year you took them on as a client. So in this scenario, even the "Identity not verified option" almost sounds like it could be used but I've never used that option because it just has a negative connotation to it.

Thoughts, comments?

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I use the Basic version, but I have never ever done anything in this section other than include the drivers license information as required in the Identity Verification Worksheet.  That is only because I get an error message until I complete it.  

For the section you described, since I am not required to fill it out to process the return, I have always ignored it.  

Level 15
Level 15

I just check the box that says Check to Confirm, I dont use any of those boxes down below on the form.

Level 3

I usually check something off because it does say to select one but if you all haven't had problems with it so I think I'll be ok leaving it unchecked - at least for my returning clients.


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