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I have a taxpayer who passed away during the year and has a refund. ProSeries keeps forcing Form 1310 and I should not need it since there is a Court Appointed Rep.

Level 2
Form 1310 is not required as long as a .pdf of the Court Appointment is attached to the return but ProSeries keeps defaulting to it, and then the return cannot be e-filed with Form 1310.
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Level 15
Level 15

You mark on the 1310 that there a court appointed representative and attach the certificate....oh wait, I guess not, it says only if its a 1040X or a 843.


So you mark box C then Yes to 2a and Yes to 3.

Level 11

There are programmers, and then there are people who can read IRS instructions.  They're often not the same people.  In the time it takes to fuss with the system, you can print out a paper return and get it in the mail.  Although I feel sorry for the Service Center employees who are working in sweatshop conditions, and have to open and process the mail.  

Checking Box C is not a good choice. If there is a PR, there should be an estate bank account for deposit of checks made out to the decedent.  

Level 8

Just finished one for a client.  Same situation and I just printed and mailed it in.

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Yup, add me to the list of paper returns.

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Level 9
Level 9

Mail paper return here too.

Level 2

Frustrating that the programmers can't put in a box to check or something so that program doesn't default to Form 1310 when it isn't needed. Return and refund is processed so much quicker when it can be electronically filed rather than mailed. Ridiculous that an estate is held up from being closed and PR discharged because you are waiting for a refund check that can take many weeks or months to receive because you had to mail in the return. ProSeries needs to get this fixed!