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I am having a problem

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I have a client for the first time.  Last year he used a different tax preparer.  

His parents are filing jointly, they receive social security benefits, but he pays more than half of their support, they live with him.  The tax preparer asked him for her mother's name to put on his tax return, but not her social security number.  He said that there is an IRS program that lets you claim elderly people but you don't have to use their social security number.

I just want to know if that is true, and I am using Pro Series, and what should I do when the software asks for the social security number?


Anybody has an idea? Please help me , I am new this 

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Level 15
Do you have a copy of that prior years return so you can see what the other preparer did and what they might be referring to?

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My idea is that the prior preparer pull some SSN out of their hat. You need the SSN. 

Walk through this IRS dependent test https://www.irs.gov/help/ita/whom-may-i-claim-as-a-dependent

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Without a Social Security or ITIN number an individual, in most all cases, cannot be on the tax return.

It is the starting point for everything, impossible to e-file a return that is missing one and an immediate rejection if it does not match the Social Security Administration records

You are correct about the parental dependency deduction, but you need to review the qualifications to be eligible to take the deductions. Why are they filing a Joint return, unless it's just to get over withheld taxes back. Are they checking the box that says they are being claimed as dependents by someone else? Does your client pay all the bills or do the parent's contribute?

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Level 12

I think the other preparer worked for Joe the Barber 😀

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Who prepared the parents' return last year?  Same guy?  Maybe he figured he already had the SSN.  

And why isn't the father being claimed also?

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