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How to write COVID 19 at the top of the return for late filing when e-filing?

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What are peeps doing?  Did Pro Series add a feature for us per this IRS guidance, or maybe add an EXPLANATION STATEMENT to the e-filed return?  thanks Eric 

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@ERIC J  wrote:

per this IRS guidance


Maybe I missed it, but what IRS guidance?  Could you provide a link to that guidance please?

The only thing I have seen about that is AICPA had an informal discussion with the IRS about it.  I have not seen any IRS guidance about it.  And unless there is IRS guidance, I can't imagine how writing that on the top of a tax return would do anything.  I would think the taxpayer would still get an automated IRS notice about it, and THEN if COVID is a factor, you could respond to the IRS about the situation.

So if there is IRS guidance, I would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.

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I was referencing the informal discussion - I'm not aware of formal "guidance" either.  Sorry to mislead with my choice of words.  The informal discussion instructed us to write COVID 19 at the top of page 1 of a late filed return.  So my question was software geared - wondering if Pro Series allows for ANNOTATED TEXT to be written on the return.  I don't think so but not sure if Pro Series added a trick for this specific scenario.  I have added an Explanatory Statement to the Form 1041 per the informal discussion.  None of this probably helps with an e-file anyway.  An IRS notice seems inevitable at which point I would ask for abatement - first by referencing the informal discussion.  

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Are you filing late or paying late ?

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Just filing 1041 late. No tax due. 

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Thanks.  I had someone contact me to file 1120S, which is now late, because they're preparer decided to close up shop, due to pandemic, without finishing up work that was in process.   I am hoping IRS will be kind in abating penalties for them.