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How to import prior accountant's depreciation schedule into ProSeries Sch E for rental property

Level 3

A prospective client has a 3-Family that is reported on Sch E of their Form 1040.  The prior accountant provided them with a printed depreciation schedule that has close to 90 assets that have not been fully depreciated. If the prior accountants use ProSeries, is it possible for them to send me a file containing the 2019 depreciation schedule that I can import into the client's 2020 Schedule E? If the prior accountant does not use ProSeries, are there any import options available to bring the 2019 assets into the 2020 Schedule E?

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Level 15
Level 15

No way to import that into ProSeries, sorry.

Level 8

Not directly into ProSeries but fixed Asset Manager does allow for imports of csv and Excel files if you map it correctly (not an easy task).  I recently got one with 70 rental properties and 10-15 fixed assets each.  Almost turned down the potential client, decided to accept and just cried.