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How to get 2014 and 2015 Proseries

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I have checked the help articles which say that 2014 should be available in my account for download - but it is not.

I called Customer service who said that they cannot help with years before 2017 except to send me to the articles that I have already read and which do not help.


The article was just updated a month ago by intuit saying that 2014 is available. Any hints on how to get the product would be greatly appreciated.

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Level 15
Level 15

Were you an Intuit customer back then and had 2014 installed at one time but just don't have it installed anymore?   

The list of previous years available in my account goes back to 2006.

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Level 8

@Just-Lisa-Now-  Is correct that prior years can be downloaded from your account if you were a customer. If not, you should be able to download on pay per return basis. You only get charged if you print the return.


edit. Not sure if this helps. Seems to have a link for 2014 but not 15.



Level 15
Level 15
Im just not sure if theyre in the list of available years to download unless you were a customer for that year....seems like support should be able to push you a copy if not though.

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Thanks for the link to the unlock codes. I keep all of my programs and was able to add these code files to my backup programs. Much appreciated.

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As Lisa pointed out, Support should be able to give you access to older years for free (but you will prepare those returns on a Pay-Per-Return Basis)..  When you call back, maybe the new person will know what to do.  If not, ask for a Supervisor.  Or maybe even call the Sales department, as they may be able to do it.