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How to edit / add tax planning suggestions for client advisor?

Level 3

Using Proseries Professional, I (and my clients) like the Client Advisor that prints with the Client presentation.  According to the description, Proseries automatically selects from 71 (or is it 73) different tax planning suggestions.

I know there are "warnings" about not editing the Client Presentation or Client Advisor unless you are comfortable with Excel.  Well, I am fairly comfortable with Excel and have a couple of questions:

1) How do I get a list or tags for the tax fields?  i.e. cy_refund is the current year refund.  cy normally means current year, and py means previous year.  But what if there is some other field that I want to display?  How do I pull that up?  (In particular, I am considering creating a comparison for state data, so would like the field tags for the states.)

2)  How are the specific tax planner suggestions generated and where is that list of 71 or 73?  In the excel file, I see no logic fields or macros which are generating the suggestions.  So, is that page directly exported from Proseries?  The reason I ask this is I would like to add a few suggestions (based on logic).  For instance, I would like to add for anyone turning 65 I would like to give them a reminder to sign up for Medicare (so age based).  Also as they turn 65 they need to start taking RMDs (again age based).  So, is there a way for me to add (based on simply logic) some additional tax planner suggestions?

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Level 13

"Also as they turn 65 they need to start taking RMDs (again age based)."


I think you mean 72. When they hit 72, their qualified accounts will be subject to RMD.

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Level 3

Yes, I did mean 72 for RMDs.

But is there any way of putting a flag on all clients at a certain age?  Can I add tax planning suggestions based on my own criteria?

Related to this - the excel file for the client advisor imports some things based on field names.  Where can I get a list of those field names (for instance birthdate, so I can import it into Excel and do my own logic there)?

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Level 3

Still trying to create custom Client Presentations (or even TRULY custom letters).

Started comparing the "codes" in the Standard Letters vs. what is listed in Excel for the Client Presentations.  They don't match.  Here are some examples:

Federal Adjusted Gross Income

  • <@FDIAGI> in order to insert the value in a standard letter (or engagement letter or amendment letter)
  • =cy_AGI   in order to insert the value in an Excel Client Presentation
  • =py_AGI   in order to insert the previous year's AGI in the Client Presentation (note:  can't find a code for prior year in the standard letter codes

Federal Taxable Income

  • <@FDITI>  in order to insert the value in a standard letter
  • =cy_taxable_income   in order to insert in the Client Presentation

I initially thought if I could use the standard letter codes as a guide, I might be able to customize the Excel Client Presentation.  But in one case AGI is abbreviated in both the standard letter and the Client Presentation, but for taxable income in one case it is TI and the other it is spelled out.

As I wrote initially, I want to customize some things (like which clients need to start talking to me about RMDs).  I also want to create a two-year comparison for the STATE. 

So, where can I get a list of the codes?  There are obviously more codes than are listed in just the standard letters (i.e. current year and prior year), but what I would really like is for the Client Presentation.

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Level 13

I don't have ProSeries installed, but you seem to be asking about the MS Office connectivity that is provided for Word and Excel, either as toolbars or toolbar tabs, such as Excel Add Ins and Word ODBC. The "at" sign and equals and arrows are Excel field names and Word field codes.

I have access to the Lacerte SDK, but have not seen a similar reference document or tool for ProSeries.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.
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