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How do you attach an attachment to a return you're going to e-file?


I'm unable to find a dropdown or tab in the Pro Series home base page that will allow me to attach, for example, a copy of a 7004, to a state partnership return that is going to be e-filed. How is the attachment accomplished?  Also, a copy of the federal 1065 is supposed to be attached to the state return.  If I print the state return, a copy of the relevant federal forms automatically print with the state return because I have checked the box on the print menu to do so.   So, do copies of the same fed forms automatically attach to the state return during e-filing?

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Level 8

If it is part of the e-file requirement (e.g. send a copy of the federal with state) then it will e-file that way, normally.  

There are a few forms that cannot be e-filed and must be manually attached to the e-file return.  To attach a PDF of the form you want to go with the e-file return click the E-File menu button from inside the return you want to attach it to then click the Attach PDF.  From there you can choose what file you wish to attache.

Level 4

Go into the client file, not at the home base.  Click on E-File from the top tool bar.  you'll see a choice "upload pdf for efile" and you can attach it there.