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How do I get QBI to figure on an S corp K-1 for 2019?

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Just saw this on a different thread. Scroll down the K-1 to Section D1. The link under line 17 doesn't work for code V.

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Where is Section D1?

There is a statement after the K-1 called Statement A- QBI Pass-through Entity Reporting.

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On the 1040 S-corp K-1 worksheet it's on page 6 as you scroll down the front page of the K-1: "Section D1 Qualified Business Income Deduction - Statement A Information".

I think your question may be from the 1120S perspective, not the 1040 entry perspective. My reply was based on the 1040 entry side since the QuickZoom link on the K-1 entry worksheet for line 17 code V didn't direct me to the correct place.

On the 1120S side, I didn't have any issues getting Statement A to populate correctly.