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How can i include the client information sheet in the form?

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how can i include the client information sheet in the tax return forms?
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Level 15

I dont think there is a way since its not a tax form or a tax worksheet.

Id like to just be able to go in and batch print the info page for all clients....that doesnt seem to be an option either.

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Level 9

If you are talking about with the client copy,  and your copy...

FILE >>>>Print Options>>>> Control Which Forms Print (very top of selection window).. make sure you are on the module you want... such as 2019 Federal Form 1040>>>>>Click on the +Other Worksheets>>> in that section, scroll down(may have to click on a selection and then arrow down) to Federal Information Worksheet>>>then change in Client Copy column or Preparer Copy column, to how you want it to print.... probably may be set on NEVER at the moment.

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