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Has ProSeries Done an Update for 2023 Law Changes Proposed

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I am amazed at the amount of repetitive and stupid questions being asked on the board.  This used to be fun to assist others, now it's just pissing me off - just like everything else.  This week's Windows 10 update - and now all of my address and mailing software won't work.  Company acknowledges it and says they may have an update in May. Ugh!

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Careful @dascpa or you might get the dreaded "if you don't play nice, we will chastise you & suspend your posting privileges.   Which, given the waste of time these repetitive posts are, might just be a blessing. 

I asked, nicely, yesterday, that Intuit attempt to get out in front of this with a prominent notice announcement.   THAT worked out, not didn't it ? /S

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"This week's Windows 10 update"

OMG, me too; I've been fighting with lots of laptops having issues with "20H2" installed and still shows it is available to Preview.

By the way, for 2023, you get counter #1.

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