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Has anyone had any luck with the ProSeries W-4 Worksheet?

I just ran a Form W-4 using the ProSeries W-4 worksheet, and it's very, very wrong. It told me to enter a number in the thousands for "itemized deductions," but I told it the taxpayers are claiming standard deduction. Just to check, I ran the exact same numbers in the irs.gov calculator, and as I expected, got very different numbers.

Has anyone else used the ProSeries W-4 worksheet? Is it just bad, or did I enter something wrong? Do y'all think I should report this to ProSeries or wait until after this pandemic, and see if the zombies take over and it doesn't matter any more?

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I wouldn't hold my breath.  ProSeries is still working on the 2018 tax forms, who knows when they might get to 2020 forms!

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The zombies took over programming long ago. ☹️

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I gave up on the withholding worksheets a long time ago.  If a client has a balance due of $1200, I tell them to leave the W-4 exemptions as is and ask for an additional $ amount per pay period be withheld.  So in the case of the $1200 balance, and the tax payer is paid bi-weekly I divide the $1200 by the remaining pay periods and tell them to ask for that amount extra to be withheld or if they are being paid monthly then $150 extra withheld  for remaining 8 months.