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Has anyone been able to file an IT-204-LL electroncally without issue. If so, can you provide any pointers on what is needed to electronically file such form?

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This is for an LLC that is filing and IT-204 as well.
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These are always a bit tricky.

Federal worksheet check the box to e file NY and NY 204-LL

Form 204 LL line 4 or 6 whichever one applies, click on that and fill out the worksheet.  Make sure you get the checkboxes 1-3 above.

Click EFILE payment form ready to e file

Let me know if that doesn't work


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It was important to indicate in one of the three questions that the LLC in question had income from NYS sources.  Although revenues were zero, if you advise that you don't have NY Source income there is no liability for this tax. My client preferred to pay the $25 tax and remain in good standing.   

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