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Has anybody had any updates since November?

Level 7

Hi online community, I wonder if anybody has had any update since they released the software. It is almost one month after releasing it and I have not seen any changes. It is still basically the 2020 edition that included features that are not needed in 2021. Any thoughts? 

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Level 15
Level 15
Don't expect it to be updated enough to prepare a 2021 return until closer to January.

Level 12

I wouldn't worry about it... My experience is not to transfer any clients and not to do any returns until very late in January or first couple days in February... And in my opinion that software should not be released until January... I wonder if they release it so early to justify collecting payment? I don't know I'm just wondering, what do you think? Just my opinion as a humble nerd...🤓💪🐕

Level 15
Level 15
I think the payment is part of it. Im sure they're also looking for reports of installation or incompatibility issues.

Level 5


its about the money for

the early release

regards, larry


stay safe

Level 8

I did get one update, and it fixed one error I noted in the first version (Form 4771 did not flow to Sch D and Sch 1 in the first version, but did in the second).