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Global Print Options

Level 3

I'm looking for recommendations/best practice on the best global print options for "Client Copy",   The default  settings seem like way to much and I don't want to waste paper when giving a client a paper copy.  Does anyone have some recommendation? 

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Level 15
Level 15

I only print the filing copy (one for me, one for the client), I dont want all of that fluff they add to the client copy either. 

I do add a few extra forms to the filing copy, like the depreciation details and I want Sch B to print no matter how much income is on it.

Level 8

It took a few years to fine tune but I print only a Client Copy and with it I add W-2 Worksheet, Interest and Dividend Summary (but trash it if not tax-exempt, qualified or other info), tax-exempt interest summary, Qualified Dividend and Capital Gains Tax Worksheet, Form 1099-R Summary, Social Security Benefits Worksheet, Student Loan Interest Worksheet, Medical Deduction Worksheet, Charitable Contributions Worksheet, Tax Payments Worksheet, QBI, Recovery Rebate Worksheets.  Each as applicable and trash if not important info.  If desired for other returns I might add a worksheet here or there to aid in their review.  This is a personal choice but I like showing calculation worksheets.  That way the client doesn't have to ask my Social Security Benefits were $20,000, why was on $17,000 taxable.