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Form 9325, line 6 missing previous information

Level 8

I e-filed 2 MFS returns today that were on an Extension and after they were accepted, the line 6 on the 9325 was blank. The previous accepted date and submission ID for the Form 4868 is gone.

Line 6 is also now blank on the original MFJ return that I filed the extension on. Glad I printed the 9325 when it was accepted in May.

I'm guessing the update today created the issue because all the returns with extensions that I filed previously are OK.

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Level 15
Level 15
...well now I gotta go find a 9325 and see what's on Line 6.

Level 8

It's the extension information/acceptance. It may have just been a problem with the MFS returns because I filed a Single status return and all the 9325 extension info is still there after it was accepted.