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Form 8879

Why is the year "2020" not being printed on form 8879? 

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Level 15

IRS decided they didnt want to have to make a new form every year so they took the year out of the top corner and put a line near the top thats supposed to contain the year...but it doesnt, I guess were supposed to write it or fill it in?    Ive just been writing the year in the corner.


Very strange I guess. I am a bit OCD so that missing 2020 is going to take some time getting used to. 

Level 7

i used tools, client template, form 8879-2020, then save client template

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Once I get to the template how do I mechanically insert 2020 on the top right hand corner of the Form? Thank you.

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can't put 2020 in corner---year 2020 goes on the line under part 1

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So if you search for form 8879 you can enter it into the field but It doesn't automatically populate. 

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