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Form 7202

Level 7

Hi everybody, it looks they PS team is working in allowing us to attach Form 7202 as a PDF since they already include that option in the error check. My question is, before we attach it, I am assuming we have to print it and delete it from the return, otherwise PS will have an error, since the form is not-efilable according to them. The problem is, as of today, when you delete the form, the amount of the credit will be delete it too changing the whole return amount. I would some body to tell Orlando, Intuit employee. Thank you. There was an update of the software today and I think they included the message to print it and attach it as a pdf but the problem I mentioned before still exists, if you delete the form, the credit will get delete too. 

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Level 8

No, do not delete the form.  Just leave it in the return.  Pro Series will just ignore it and not send it with e-filing.

Dusty Ernie

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Level 7

that will be great, thank you Ernie. 

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