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form 5405 repayment of first-time homebuyer credit - home sold how is proseries caculating part III


I have a client that bought a house in 2008 and qualified for the first time home buyer credit.  He has been repaying ever since.  He sold that house in 2019 for a loss.  I've entered all the information on the form 5405 in proseries, but I can't figure out how the program is calculating part III.  It is putting different numbers there. 

The sell price of the house was 276,000, expenses 2548, basis 283,500.00. So a total loss of 10,048.  Proseries puts 138,000 as the sell price on line 9, 1274 on line 10, 136726 on line 11, and 141,750 on line 12.  What am I missing here?

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So its splitting everything in half?   Is it a joint return and you have it marked as only the taxpayer owned it or something like that?


Your reply just helped me see the issue.  I do have it marked as jointly owned.  Proseries is generating two forms 5405, one for taxpayer and one for spouse.  So simple, I should have seen that!  Thanks for your help!