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Form 2848 & 8821

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This is a complaint.

Since I've downgraded by software to PS Basic Unlimited + 15 business returns I've been dealing with the typical distractions associated with what I used to be able to do with the full package and what I'm now unable to do with Basic.

There have been several areas where Intuit has crippled the Basic product that are notable and affect my practice. But here's the one that's been burning my butt this afternoon.

Where are Forms 2848 & 8821? Do you think that because I've downgraded my practice as I head towards retirement that I no longer need to intercede with the IRS on behalf of my clients or are you just trying to make me feel the pain point?

To be sure, putting those back in the software don't make it worth the price difference in the full package and the crippled version you've labeled "Basic"....but it certainly presents an inconvenience and once again makes me consider what other options outside the Intuit world might be more attractive.

This is a no-brainer, Intuit. Fix it!! 

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Level 15
Level 15
How often do you need a 2848 or 8821? Ive got close to 600 clients and need an 8821 maybe 2-3 times a year.

The savings on a Basic package would more than compensate for the loss of these 2 forms that can be filled in and downloaded for free from IRS.

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We are just fellow software users, trying to help each other out.

Complaining to US doesn't do any good, as we can't *fix* a damned thing.

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There is nothing to "fix".  You are using different software that has fewer features.  If you want the more features, you need to pay for software that has those features.

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"There have been several areas where Intuit has crippled the Basic product that are notable and affect my practice."

So you do a cost analysis to determine if your decision to move down to Basic was a good decision or not, given how weird tax preparation is becoming.

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