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form 1099B

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I have a client who has multiple brokerage accounts with the same firm. They also have significant trades within each category: ST and LT covered and non covered. The form 1099B will not allow various for dates of sales-wherein prior years i could summarize each category.as various as long as it was within the proper category


Now what do i do for 2020?? DO I have to enter each sale for each security???

Almost an impossibility


Please help



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The 1099-B Worksheet is fine for the covered transactions.  That's most of what I see these days -- the uncovered goes back to purchases before 2012, or some exotic investments.  Attach a copy or pdf of them, if that's easier than entering them individually.  Or I think IRS will accept Various, even if the software demands otherwise.  

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I can go with various but will the intuit process the efiling with error messages??


Thank you for responding

I can download the 1099 statements and attach as pdf's but do i still enter the summary gains and losses on Sch D?

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