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Fixed Asset deletions

Level 3

I use FAM for depreciation and want to import into ProSeries.  How do I delete all the assets that are already in the return so the import will be the numbers I want to use.  The numbers in ProSeries are incorrect and I have issues with the MACRS tables error codes.  Should be a very simple way to delete all the fixed assets from the return prior to the import.  

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Level 11

What type of return ?  1040,  1120S,  1065?     If you are talking Sched C or Sched F or Sched E in a 1040 return,  you can open the Schedule then  Ctrl+W  -  Warning!  this will delete the schedule, all supporting statements and all assets.     Or you can open each asset then Ctrl+W  to delete one asset at a time

Level 3

The returns I am currently dealing with are 1120s, 1120 and 1065.  Deleting one asset at a time is time consuming and ridiculous.  None of these have Sch C, E or F.

Seems like this should be an easy solution, but then again I am finding out ProSeries has many issues.