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Level 5

I read the post from support about how to file the FinCen using ProSeries.  However, when I try to "Go to foreign bank reporting form 114" under the file menu, it is grayed out.  The post I read said that could happen if it wasn't updated or if the form wasn't ready yet.  Since it is September, I can't imagine it not being ready.  We try to keep our software up to date as well.  

Any ideas?  Is anyone else having trouble with the FinCen?

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Level 15
Level 15

I shows as available for me, I saw someone with the same issue back in february, I didnt see any resolution for it though.

Id try using the REFRESH Updates option (not the regular update) , maybe it just didnt get installed properly when it became available?


Level 5

Thanks!  I will give that a shot.  My machine has been struggling with ProSeries updates all season, so I will see if that works.