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Final Review Proseries 2020

Level 2

Is anyone else having the Final Review hang on Diagnostics with 1040 returns with a Schedule C? If so, have you found something that removed the problem. (I know about unchecking Diagnostics and running the rest, but I feel the Diagnostics is one of the most important of the reviews).

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Level 13

I have not encountered that problem. If you can wait a little bit, maybe this matter will be addressed in the next update, not sure... Just my opinion

Level 8

Yes, have it on 2 returns. No. Tried everything I could think of and it will not clear on those returns.

Level 14

I do believe the Form 1099-NEC is causing the problem.  Or at least for me that's been the common denominator in returns with this issue.   There are other posts that mentioned this also.

Level 8

Good to know. Thanks.

Level 2

I've just noticed that it only happens on the 1099-NEC forms that are linked to other forms. If it is marked as "Other Income", it doesn't have the problem.