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Final review - 1120S and 1065 creating and flagging as not final form 6765

Level 2

Running final review for 1120S and 1065 returns creates a from 6765 then Final Review flags the 6765 as not final and causes an error. I NEVER added form 6765 to these returns. There is nothing in the 6765 form. If I delete the 6765 form. 

I know efiling won't start for another day, but this error popped up today with the latest update. Come on Intuit - we are already tow plus weeks behind this year - you don't need to put us further behind! Don't you have quality control on your releases??

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We are having the same issue here as well.   Tried to delete the form and it keeps coming back.

Level 1

I have the same problem.  Tried deleting this blank form, nothing.  I cannot efile the Georgia 600S because of this.

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The issue should be resolved in the partnership (1065) product.  A fix will be released in the s corporation (1120S) product this week.  

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