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Extension of 2019 Tax deadline

Level 2

Can we expect a patch or system update to incorporate the extension of filing deadline from 4/15 to 7/15 due to the Coronavirus governmental response?  Now anyone can set the payment date to be until 4/15, are we going to be able to offer to our customers the same benefit but until 7/15 ?  




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Level 15

Wow... no one else has thought to ask that question yet.  /S


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Level 15

Extend the return.  Have a cup of coffee.  Retrieve the acceptance.  File the return with the July date.

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Level 15
Level 15

I would not expect it.  Use a different method pf payment.

Level 8

File the return. w/o the bank debit... give them a 1040-V with amount due.... tell them to mail (with a check) on or before 7/15

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Level 10

I read somewhere that the changes will be made for all tax preparers except CPAs with the initials JHP. I don't know any such CPAs, so I am safe.

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