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I go to the dashboard. There's NOTHING.

I got the first 5 for free to try them out. Used one, and it didn't work, which pissed me off, but Intuit didn't do anything to help, so we ended up doing signatures by mail for that one. Granted, it was a business return, and from what I'm reading, the software isn't really set up to do business returns with esignatures. Okay, fine.

So I try to do one for a 1040. It should be easy, right?

The dashboard is blank.
"Total esignatures" is blank.
"Used" is blank. It should say "1"
"Available" is blank. It should say "4"
"Declined" is blank. It should say "1"
"Authentication failed" is blank. It should say "1"
"Expired" is blank. It should say "1"
"eSignature completed" is blank. It could say 0, but I guess that's okay.
"Waiting for reply" is blank. Again, I'm fine with that. But WTF about the rest of the dashboard?

I can click "purchase more," but I sure as heck ain't gonna purchase more if they aren't going to let me use the other 4 I signed up for!!!!!

I've been telling customers they don't have to come into the office with this COVID crap going on. Is ProSeries going to make me a liar?!?!?!?

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A couple of years ago, I had a similar bad experience with trying out the 5 so-called "free" ones.

Maybe @IntuitAustin  can point you in the right direction.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there,

If you're having an issue with the credits disappearing, I'd recommend reaching out to ProSeries Customer Service to assist. They can help out with any account related issues. 

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IntuitAustin, I tried calling Customer Service. They closed at 4PM. Not particularly helpful. 

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