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Error: Some values are too large and have cause calculation errors?


I am doing a final review on a return and this is the error I got:

"Some values are too large and have caused calculation errors?" 

I actually don't see any red flags on the left menu, and there is no way tot find the error.

Any ideas. Thank you.

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The first step is to always try rebooting your computer to see if that helps.  Do you have any bigly numbers or anything out of the normal on the return?

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I have been with Proseries on phone for over an hour and still no go.

I might try and rebooting, i really hope it can be fixed. There was a NOL operating loss of 84k forwarded from prior year, other than that this return only has 4 k-1s, 2 for each couple which is straight forward. Will try rebooting. Thanks


Rebooted and it didnt work. Looks like proseries can't figure it out either and will be looking at the glitch in the next 24 hours.

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Did Intuit get you an update on this error that you could share?  We are getting the same error on an 8606 where all looks as it should.

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