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engagement letter e-signatures

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Is anyone happy with the ProSeries e-signature?  My first problem was that the built in email confused my clients as in had almost not explanation on it.  Second problem was that Intuit had my wife as the master user. As master user my wife's name came on the emails with E-signature.  They could not change the master user to me because I am also registered with QuickBooks Intuit under the same user name.  They made me change my user name in ProSeries to make a new master master user.  Once they changed my user name ProSeries/DocuSign no longer recognized my firm as being signed up for unlimited signatures.  Therefore we cannot use the system i paid an extra $1,600 to use.

I called "tech support" and told them my problem and what I thought the cause was.  Instead of listenning to me the brain trust kept me on the phone for 3 hours going through his script.  He ended up telling my the problem was probably the master user change! I TOLD HIM THAT 3 HOURS EARLIER.  Told me more advanced support would call me in 48 hours!  Day and a half later and I truly angry, and unsatisfied!  II spent almost $10,000 for their software.  I have other software options.  I hope they see this e-mail!  If not fixed today I want my $1,600 back!  Oh I forgot the misleading advertising. My stating you can attach other document it led me to believe I could get engagement letters signed.

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