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Efiling Amended Returns

The Gonz
Level 2

Need some clarification on efiling 1040-X. I have efiled the original return and later found I had to amend the return. Usually after amending a return I save the file under a new name, does that have any effect on processing the amendment considering the original was efiled under a different file name. I’m thinking that it shouldn’t make a difference but I just want to be sure.

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Level 8
Level 8

Sounds like you’re on the right track.

Level 15
Level 15

you dont save under a new name....if you want to save a copy of the original under a new name you can, (I personally dont save a copy of the original, its wrong, I have no use for it anymore, I just keep a printed/pdf copy of it) but the amended return should be the same file and filename as the original one that was Efiled....you'd want that same file name when you transfer the client file to 2021 anyhow.

People that same the newly amended return under a new name seem to have trouble with the program recognizing that the original had been efiled.

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