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e-payment of amount due on 1040

Lord Happy
Level 4

Happy day...I haven't yet seen anyone mention delays of e-payments for the 2020 tax due.  Payment date of 4/10, I've triple-verified the bank and routing numbers (yeah, three times I went digit by digit and said them out loud because I'm that guy), the account was used in 2019, and there was plenty of cash in the client's account.  I have the 9325 showing the submission ID and box 4 is checked off.  EF Center has a column that shows an amount was sent to be debited.  I did SmartLook with tech support, who confirmed that everything looked ok.

I saw in one of the posts/responses the notion that perhaps the issue is with BoA, and in this case the client has BankUnited.  Other posters were kind enough to point out that the 9325 has a phone number (call Jenny at 867-5309) for the client to call to see if there's a snafu at the IRS.  And yes, I saw the post from Intuit about them looking into why ES payments weren't happening. 

In the spirit of being a good forum user, I just wanted to post this up.  If there's something I missed, or that support missed during SmartLook, well, perhaps it will be solved by Intuit or the IRS tomorrow.  And yes, I do push clients to be accountable and buy their citizenship online at IRS.gov without me as an intermediary.

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Level 15

"I haven't yet seen anyone mention delays of e-payments for the 2020 tax due"

Then you haven't been paying much attention.

It's a reported thing - by many.

Lord Happy
Level 4

Happy day...you're right.  My eyes kept tracking to 1040-ES and the word estimates, and not to tax due, and I do see it in other posts, just not addressed in the alert.

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