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e-mail address ability to click

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can't click on e-mail address in 2020 like in 2019

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Sorry, it'll be back in our Jan 20th update.  We had to rewrite that view to use modern technology, and that particular feature didn't make it back until this upcoming release.

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"We had to rewrite that view to use modern technology"

That one left me scratching my and wondering what kind of technology is used for the rest of the program🤔

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ProSeries is a very complex application, on the order of millions of lines of code.. which leverages probably billions of lines of code written by other teams and companies. If you look at Microsoft alone, over the years they've introduced (and deprecated) about 5 radically different ways to create desktop applications. Every year we are constantly updating things to newer technologies, to ensure we don't one day find ourselves with something that's impossible to work on and to minimize risk of something breaking all of sudden with some new Microsoft update.

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