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E-filing RDP Return--Duplicate SSN

Level 3

Already Efiled 2019 Federal "Single" returns for a RDP same sex couple in CA.

They are filing "Married, Joint" for CA but when I go to efile CA return it says Duplicate SSN, cant efile.

On their joint return, I don't have federal Efile box checked, only Efile for CA.

Help!!  I really don't want to paper file the CA.

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The program will see this as a duplicate because it takes up more then one data file. The easiest way to e-file the CA Return:

  1. Once the Federal Return (Single) is ACCEPTED open the return. 
  2. Unmark the Federal Return for e-file. 
  3. Save and close the return. 
  4. Open the return that you have setup for CA (Joint). 
  5. Open and save CA. 
  6. The duplicate status should now be cleared so you can e-file CA. 

The trick is you can only have one data file per SSN with any e-file box marked at the same time. So you just 'hide' the accepted return from the EF Center to get CA to go through. Once CA is accepted you can check the e-file box again on the Federal Return and it will still show Accepted. 

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