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E-filing error message - "NO VALID RETURN EF CENTER RECORD EXISTS FOR THIS SSN/EIN" after e-file was converted & transmitted successfully

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I have been trying to contact Proseries tech support to get an answer regarding the e-filing error message I received while checking to status of converted & transmitted files that were submitted to Intuit successfully.   Tech support acknowledged that Proseries is aware of the problem but couldn't tell me when it "might" be fixed.   So how am I supposed to e-file tax returns if I can't speak with someone/anyone who knows anything.   Every year tech support/customer service gets worse and the wait time is ridiculous.  I expect my software to work since I paid over $2400. for it.

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I am getting that same sort of error message in Proseries.  But the SSN listed is not one of my clients, as best I can tell.  I have a colleague who works through me, so I wonder if the error message relates to that somehow?  I am on hold right now with Intuit customer service...

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