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E-filed returns that had unemployment compensation

Level 1

in proseries basic, if the already filed return is locked because of the unemployment compensation exclusion, will the original amounts be on the return when I unlock it.

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Level 15
Level 15

I think once you unlock it, the program will change it to include the latest updates.

Level 15

Yup.  Once you click that key, all of those changes are going to rush in.

Armpit sniffer. Yup, checked out the help wanted ads and found the job. With my nose, how can I go wrong?
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Level 11

At some point we move from tax preparation into theoretical physics.  As long as you never open the return, it is both pre-ARPA and post-ARPA at the same time.  It's the act of observing it that determines it's character under Schrodinger's Uncertainty Principle (or is it Heisenberg's Cat?)

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