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E-file Error, X0000-005 Previously rejected tax returns have now been efiled and federal accepted - FYI

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E-file Error, X0000-005

Previously rejected tax returns have now been efiled and federal accepted on 6/25/20.

Thank You Intuit  for your help in getting this issue resolved, at least in my case.

This business of taxes that We are in is very complicated,
as can be seen by the numerous postings of various issues on this web board.

Patience and understanding is helpful in this difficult time.

Thank You Intuit Staff for your efforts.- Tax15.



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Level 12
Level 12

what exactly did they do? There has been no announcement or in product alert. You may have gotten lucky. I've heard some go through and others do not. 


Can you elaborate?

Level 15
Level 15

Sounds like those that bounced back as rejected earlier this week can now be resubmitted.....so now we just have to wait for those sitting at IRS or Intuit to get officially rejected to resubmit.

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Did you have to do anything to be able to have the returns accepted. I have some returns that are still in limbo

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I  hope ur not an intuit plant, my returns are sill in limbo as are every one else I contacted 


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I had 6 in limbo (2 from Monday night, 4 between Tues & Wed).  Half an hour ago the 2 oldest ones had a status of sent to IRS (again) they were already at IRS. Then 15 minutes ago I got confirmation on both as accepted. So I did not have to do anything. 

One of these I had concerns on IRS accepting because she was filing as a surviving spouse on a joint return and sometimes IRS wants those mailed in. Glad it went smoothly (even though it took several days)

Hopefully all of these thousands that we all have will go smoothly and not require resubmission.

Level 12
Level 12

The one I had in limbo is now accepted. I've been holding my others. 


Thanks for responding @sewcpa 

Level 15
Level 15

The one I had stuck since Monday accepted....still got one hanging from yesterday. 

At least theyre not rejecting and making us resubmit!

Level 7

@Alee-W  is this IRS e-file reject issue fully resolved now?