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Drivers license expire error

Level 2

Pro Series has a program error since the last update on 3/4/20 with the Drivers License expire date. Client DL expires 2/21/20 but now error and can't clear it due to the update.

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Level 3

I noticed the same issue. I have one that expired on 1/24/2020 with the error. Very frustrating. I would hope that Proseries would only flag any DL dated in 2019 and older. 

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Level 15

They will flag any license that expired before the return is transmitted - not just ones that expired in 2019.

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BUT the program will not take the new exp date! because it expires in 2025!

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You already asked this, here:


No need to keep asking. Please see your original topic for answers.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.
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The program also shows an error when you say they do not have a license.

It keeps showing an error and will not accept either. I have a man who passed away and no longer has a license but every time I put it in it gives me an error.

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My understanding is the IRS does not require a license at all to file, and for us in NY, an expired or expiring license is valid to efile with.  The change is exceptionally annoying as I have elderly clients that have not renewed, or clients who were not expired when they provided their documentation.  

The bottom line is why is Intuit flagging this as an error at all, when it is acceptable for filing.

Level 2

Update - support advised as a work around to ensure there are no other errors int the return, then use the main menu bar to:

1. E-File

2. Electronic Filing

3. Convert/Transmit Returns/Extensions/Payments

4. Uncheck (it wont persist after this cycle) "Enable conversion error checking" under "Convert/Transmit Returns/Extensions/Payments"

5. "OK" and submit the return.

This process worked for me, your mileage may vary......


I can see a need for a "flag" to notify us of the expired date, but also an option to allow us to ignore it once notified.