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Don't Tax Preparers Read and Research

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The 07/15 payment date has been asked 49 different times in the last few days.  3 of the last 6 posts to this board were the exact same question.  People, please read, and research instead of being lazy.  For those of us that help and answer questions it gets old answering the same question again and again.  

Note - ProSeries sent out an alert today and they also have a link to a brand new IRS Q&A on the extensions.  This is important as it explains IRA's, HSA's, etc.


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I am wondering if some of these questions are coming not from proseries pros (us), but turbo or others who are representing or selecting proseries as their platform.  Very hard to believe with the plethora(look that up in your funk & wagnall's) of posts about extended due date, revoking pmt and ira deadlines these people can't see the answers!!

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If ProSeries had a system that required their customers to pass an IQ test before they purchased the software you wouldn't be seeing this problem.  But then again, the cost of the software would be through the roof because there wouldn't be many qualified purchasers 😮

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Most message boards have a way to "pin" FAQ's at the top.  Most message boards have a Search function that is not based on the childhood game of Hide and Seek.  Many of the repetitive questions are coming from first-time visitors, directed here because Intuit has no one to answer the phones and they shouldn't be expected to answer tax questions, anyway.

So don't be too hard on the subscribers who need immediate gratification.  It's sad that they think the rules are made by private enterprise and not by IRS.  But when there are too many tax returns and not enough well-trained preparers, we have to go lower on the spectrum to find imperfect talent.