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Does this mean we can't auto withdraw both CA Q2 ES payment & CA 2020 Bal due

Level 2

I got the following error message reviewing the CA return before efiling --- 

CA ES payments are being made as part of the return amd stand alone payments are also being made for Q2.  To make a payment with return please navigate to the Federal informaton worksheet and remove Q2 from the estimated efile list.  To make stand alone payment please navigate to the CA ES tax worksheet and uncheck the efile box for the 2d Quarter.

Does this make sense to anyone and does it mean we cannot have auto withdrawal for both the 2d quarter 2021 and balance due for 2020.   CA does not require a Q3 payment so next ES payment after the Q2 payment would be the 4th Quarter payment.   So what about the 4th Qtr can it be efiled to auto withdraw the payment?

Problems with ES payments -- IS A BIG PROBLEM FOR THE ELDERLY -- who may forget to make a payment if not scheduled for auto withdraawal.   What is the deal that the Proseries customer (the user) has to make concessions for a program that doesn't work properly.

Is it right that people will be paying penalties because the software program does not operate properly?

Clients may be penalized and will hold you and I responsible.

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Level 15
Level 15

Ive only scheduled CA ES payments in the 540ES worksheet of the CA return at the time of Efiling the actual return....I dont know how CA ES payments that I see in that drop down menu of the fed info worksheet actually work.

If the software is hassling you, just schedule them on the FTB Webpay website, super easy with printable confirmation and everything.

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Good idea but do I have to pretend that I am the client to do that ?


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