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Does anyone know when you have to file a return in order to keep your credit for any estimated payments?

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My client made an estimated payment in 2014 of $25,000 and never filed the return. Can they still file and apply the $25,000 estimated payment?
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Level 15
They probably got an IRS letter a few years ago telling them they had a credit and to file a return by XX date in order to not lose it.....2014 was a looong time ago, they may be outta luck.

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They'll get credit for the estimated tax payment on the 2014 tax return but they won't get a refund.

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My experience with the IRS is that they are honest... If an overpayment exists that the client was unaware of, then eventually they would either get a letter informing them of this or they would send the overpayment to them... Just my opinion...

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