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DO all ISO transaction have to be on form 1099-B

Have TP who is swearing that No broker was used and that No Broker Statement was provided or available. He did provide just the 3921 and some spread sheet he created to show the 2020 transactions and others into 2021.  Can I use just the one form to report the exercising of this incentive stock option?  No entry or wages reported on w-2 and 2 years from grant date to exercise date existed.

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No they don't have to be on a 1099-B.

These forms are issued by brokers. If no broker was uses, no 1099-B.

(Although sometimes I do see 1099-Bs issued by the company)

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so when no broker used-then the value on form 3921 get directly listed on form 6251?  Okay since he did not sell the ISO stocks he just exercised the purchase of them?


I guess that makes sense that no tax incurs until the disposition....  Very tricky Ricky

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