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discontinue proseries

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I have no need for ProSeries in the future how do i discontinue?  i do not want to wait online or wait to receive a call back, from someone in East Siberia

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Level 7

Don't renew.

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problem though is i am on Fast Track, which means AUTO-Renew.  Since i have used Proseries Professional for a number of years this is the way to go.  I have retired from my practice and no longer need the program, but finding a way to cancel Fast Track and therefore Proseries is a a real problem.

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Level 15
Level 15

If you can change your billing info to some credit/debit card that doesnt have a high enough limit for them to charge to, it will cancel itself for non payment, otherwise you will be stuck calling support....nobody here has access to your account and can offer any help in this type of situation, sorry.

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That was my next choice, just cancelling my credit card.  tried to find an easier and more business like approach but it looks like that does not work with a company as arrogant as Intuit.

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Level 13

Yeah, when used to say you can always cancel the auto-renew online, but then they changed their mind and the only way to do it is to call them. 

So calling them is really the only way.