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Why can't I click the qualifies for CTC when the child is under 17 and meets all the requirements?

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@thetaxlady92082 wrote:

Why can't I click the qualifies for CTC 


What software are you using?  There is nothing to click for "qualifies for CTC" in ProSeries.

You need to give as much detail as possible.

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Level 15

Professional has a box to check if they DON'T qualify, I would guess that Basic has something similar.

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In Proseries Pro it is automatic once you pick an E in the EIC drop down box.

I have an E, eligible child, marked. There is a box on basic to check but it won’t allow me to check it. 

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There is no box to check to say the child qualifies for the Child Tax Credit.  There is a box to check to say the child does NOT qualify.  Is that what you are trying to do, UNcheck that box?


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