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Capital Gains

Level 2

How do i enter a summary of capital gains when there are too many to enter (and i am going to attach a pdf)

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Level 2

George - thanks for the information:  2 follow up questions for you:

1)  Does this work for summaries that include wash sales - when i input the M code it works unless there are wash sales - not sure if there is a work around?

2)  What triggers whether or not i have to attach the pdf?  it says no on both that i have done, yet i am uncertain of what determines this so i am not sure if it is correct?


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Level 15

If all of the trades are covered, you can simply input a summary.

I then make single entries for the non-covered and the wash sales.

If those are too many then I input one summary as "see attached" and do the pdf attachment. 

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