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Cannot open Form 8949

Level 1

Usually when  you go to Sch D to enter stock Sales it takes you directly to Form  8949 to enter the stock sales. Now there is no link. When  try to open Form 8949  from the Form list, the Dialog box is greyed out an will not allow me to open the Form 

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Level 15
Level 15

On Sch D click the button for the 1099B worksheet at the top, you'll find an are to enter capital transactions in there. What you enter there will transfer to the 8949.

You cant enter directly on the 8949.

Level 12
Level 12

You now enter sales of investment income on the 1099B worksheet, starting from schedule D

Level 15

You two are simply amazing.  It seems that nobody purchasing ProSeries this year can crack the mystery of schedule D.  You both must be really good at solving Rubik's cube. 😶

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